Past Projects

2015 - A River Ran Through It

This full-day field trip was run in October 2015 in Partnership with Assiniboine Park Conservancy and as a part of Sustainability Month. In the morning, participants enjoyed an outdoor classroom experience led by Assiniboine Park Conservancy. They explored the Riparian Forest and were guided through a whos who of the flora and fauna. The importance water and water quality to the forest were the focus. In the afternoon, participants put their outdoor learning in action as they engaged in a drama workshop with Green Kids Inc. After warming up with games and exercises, the group imagined a cast of characters and began creating their own plays based on their experience in the forest. Our script for our upcoming play Wild Wild Wilderness will be drawing inspiration for the students' plays.

For grades 4 to 6.

Unplugged ~ The Canadian School Tour


Live performances and interactive drama workshops that explored our plugged-in world as its effects on our environment and our health.

A tale of 3 characters discovering the pros and cons of our increasing use of technology and our dependence upon being 'plugged in' to so much, so often.

Centred around technology and 'screen time', unplugged addressed topics such as exercise, nutrition, sensory over-stimulation, inter-personal relationships, and responsible use of energy.

For grades 3 to 8.

Recycle THIS. - The 100 Manitoba Schools Tour


In the falls of 2013 & 2014, CBCRA commissioned Green Kids to create and tour a show and classroom workshop program for middle school students. The focus was on recycling - the science of it, the environmental costs associated with choosing not to recycle.

For grades 3 to 8.

Ebb & Flo : The Water Cycle


Remounted for three separate tours over 4 years, this show, workshop and teacher's kit trio created a huge splash. Water issues remain a very timely topic and this production, following two water droplets through the water cycle, through time and history, was a powerful animation and call to action.

For grades 1 to 6.