Partnership Opportunities

Need for Fundraising

As a small, independent, non-profit charity, Green Kids Inc. requires funding from outside sources in order to continue producing it's valuable programming. We keep our overhead to a bare minimum, and we also charge one of the lowest fees to schools for our performances, of any touring theatre company. Consequently, we rely a great deal on volunteers and on the generous support of our many donors.

In an ideal world, we would be completely self sufficient, without the need for financial support from corporate, government or special interest groups. Although this is not the reality for us today, our long-term sustainability plans include the creation of more internally-generated revenues in order to perhaps get closer to that level of independence. This of course will take much time, effort, and patience.

Today, we rely on the following resources for funding: a) payment form schools for our shows, as well as donations from b) associations, c) foundations, d) private corporations, e) governments and, f) individuals. For sure, we do not allow any of our financial supporters to dictate the content of our programs.

Fundraising Policies

It is not our place to judge those who choose to support us. It is our objective to present the Green Kids message to as many children as possible. This requires funding. We are grateful and thankful for all donations to our cause, and we believe our supporters should be recognized for their contributions. Without them, we would not exist.

We need as much help as we can get. Green Kids will gratefully accept support of any kind; a donation of office or tour supplies, volunteered time, or actual monetary funding of our programs. We are a registered charity in Canada, thus any support in any form is recognized with a tax-deductible receipt.

Today, we are concentrating on two main projects; Our Annual School Tour and the All Weather Bio-bus project. You can also download our Partnership Opportunities and Donations Proposal to learn more about these and other projects Green Kids is working on.

Financial Contributors

We would like to thank our financial contributors. Without their generosity Green Kids would only be a dream. Visit our Sponsors page to find out who recently contributed to Green Kids.

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