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Target Zero Eco Kids Tour of The Forks
Presented by MMSM

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FREE every Saturday in August
A 45-minute Target Zero Tour for the whole family.
Tours start at 1 & 2 pm.
Meet us by the orange caboose at the NW corner of The Forks Market building.

An interactive, educational, and theatrical look at some eco-friendly initiatives at The Forks. This 90 minute walking tour teaches kids how to minimize their carbon footprint as they see, learn about, and physicalize biofuel, mass composting, geothermal technology, the 3Rs and more.


Most appropriate for Grades 3-7, each tour can accommodate up to 30 school children. They are offered rain, shine or snow.

For more information on The Forks and their Target Zero Program, visit http://www.theforks.com/target-zero

For more information on Multi Material Stewardship Manitoba (MMSM), visit http://www.stewardshipmanitoba.org/

Wild Wild Wilderness

The Canadian School Tour

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Coming to Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario in Fall 2018
Stay tuned for more information on how your school or event can book this program free of charge

A program that demonstrates the connections between habitat, wildlife, water quality and human activity. It is designed for children in Nursery to Grade 4, and consists of three components: The Play, The Workshop, and The Kit. The purpose of this project is to celebrate our wilderness areas while empowering young people to make positive choices towards protecting them.

The program follows the various animals of Pêkopêwin Forest, learning about their species and their habitat, as they become affected by water pollution and a change in their water cycle. The forest animals become detectives, and with the help of the students, find the sources of their problems, and come up with a plan. The forest animals take positive action and start a neighbourhood clean-up initiative. They also find fun and unexpected ways to convince the humans downstream to adjust their habits.

This program will show and encourage an understanding and empathy for the plants, animals, and people we don't see who are affected by our actions. Wild Wild Wilderness will help young participants understand why the little things they can do (water conservation, recycling, active transportation) can make a difference. The program's academic and environmental focus is on habitat and wildlife conservation, the water cycle, and water quality issues.

Every school we visit gets a full day of programming, beginning with a performance for everyone, followed by individual classroom drama workshops with the actors.


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Inspired by the Science Curriculum, Green Kids' love of theatrics, and Mother Nature herself, these workshops will lead students on an exploration of what those 3 Rs really mean, and how young and old, can make them part of their everyday lives.

We currently have 6 workshops to offer to Winnipeg Schools:

  • Trace Elements
  • Unplugged
  • Wild Wild Wilderness
  • Back to Basics ~ Those 3 Rs
  • Back to Nature
  • Ebb & Flo ~ The Water Cycle

For more information, check out our Workshops page.